Corporate Environmental Performance Evaluation in Emerging Economies: Current Practices and Future Direction

By Asit Bhattacharyya.

Published by The Sustainability Collection

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Nowadays, as environmental protection becomes critical to humanity sustainable development, various corporate stakeholders are becoming interested in corporate environmental performance. Many organizations are practically evaluating corporate environmental performance (CEP) but few academic studies have paid attention to third-party environmental performance evaluation (EPE). This study aims to undertake a third-party EPE using four management performance indicators (MPIs: organizational system, stakeholder relations, operational countermeasures and environmental tracking) and two operational performance indicators (OPIs: inputs and outputs). Principal component analysis (PCA) is used to explore the underlying dimension within each variable mentioned above and understand the information explained under each dimension. PCA resulted in four factors and indicated good reliability ranging from .70 to .90. Finally the study proposes the use of computation method to develop estimated data sets for OPIs.

Keywords: Corporate Environmental Performance Evaluation, Performance Indicators, India, Performance Mesurement

The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp.253-270. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 915.285KB).

Dr Asit Bhattacharyya

Lecturer, School of Business and Management, University of Newcastle, Callaghan, New South Wales, Australia


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