A Holistically Sustainable Community with a Neohumanist Society

By Dhanjoo N. Ghista and Siddhartha Sanyal.

Published by The Sustainability Collection

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Today, human society is in anguish, bleeding from it being subdivided and vivisected, deprived and stifled by dogmatic injunctions. In its dark night of despair and convulsions, who will come forward to give a healing touch? Neo-humanists have the unique opportunity and the capability to administer to it the life-generating potions, for enabling all the people to live in dignity, to fully develop their psychic potentialities, and to facilitate the exalted progress of one another. For a society to be considered progressive, it must be able to provide to its people a reasonable quality-of-life and a reasonable degree of happiness factors. A society that is able to maintain such a progressive state can be labeled as being civilized. When this civilized societal state and development can be maintained in a community we can term this state to be “sustainable development”. Thus, sustainable development implies sustainability in all the above quality-of-life and happiness factors of human living. The terms progressive society and sustainable community are indeed complementary. A holistic concept of sustainability includes cultural, environmental, social and economic sustainability. Also, a progressive society needs to provide scope to its people to progress physically, intellectually and spiritually. Hence, a neo-concept of a sustainable community is that wherein this progressive civilized state (in all the three realms of living) can be sustained. This paper delineates the socioeconomic and political attributes of a sustainable community and the ideals of the neohumanist society of this sustainable community, along with its sustainable economic design analysis.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Neo-humanist Society, Cooperative Economics System, Civilian Democratic Political System, Functionally Sustainable Community, Integrated Science Paradigm, Progressive Society, Human Dharma, Social Justice, Constitutional Law, Sustainable Community

The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.87-104. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.433MB).

Prof. Dhanjoo N. Ghista

Chief Academic Officer, Singapore, Singapore

As R.S. Kye has written in the article Professor with a Mission “[Dhanjoo Ghista] is a professor of professors, a world authority in biomedical engineering and physics, author/editor of 27 textbooks on subjects ranging from Applied Biomedical Engineering Mechanics and Cardiovascular Physics to Socio-economic Democracy & World Government (Collective Capitalism, Depovertization, Human Rights, Template for Sustainable Peace), and inventor of life-saving implant devices. A pioneer of research into the effect of space travel on astronauts, his work as the founder and leading exponent of the new science of societal engineering has received recognition from academics and institutions alike.” Dr. Ghista has published over 400 works in the fields of engineering, biomedicine, and social sciences. He is a pioneer in the fields of biomedical engineering, healthcare engineering, and community development engineering, and is committed to the advancement of Developing Countries. Currently Chief Academic Officer and Registrar of Parkway College (the Education arm of Parkway Healthcare, a major healthcare provider in Singapore and Southeast Asia) based in Singapore, Dr. Ghista has previously worked as professor at Nanyang Technological University, chairman of Biomedical Engineering at Osmania University, professor and founding chairman of Biophysics Department at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain (UAE). He earlier was Professor of Engineering-Physics and Medicine, as well as Chairman of Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University (in Canada).

Siddhartha Sanyal

Manager, Clinical Governance, SINGAPORE, Singapore


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