Global Impact by Human Beings

By Ray M. Golding and Lynton G.F. Giles.

Published by The Sustainability Collection

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This paper presents an overview of the escalating impact of human beings on the globe. We address the problem on several fronts and, in particular, the importance that human beings must understand that existence depends very much on a globe that can sustain a wide range of species. We outline the key components for human interactions that result in social harmony and integration with the environment. If this was achieved global disharmony would be greatly reduced and human development would be focussed on understanding and implementing processes that would return the globe to a viable environmentally friendly system and maintain it.
Furthermore, we illustrate that following an impact by a perturbation on a complex system the system may or may not return to the steady state.
The continuing increase of the human population and a society of greed and arrogance are fast destroying our globe. Urgent action is required to address what is currently taking place. In today’s global society drastic steps need to be taken to prevent the extinction of the human species. Time is running out.

Keywords: Human Interactions, Global Impact, Global Environment, Extinction of Species

The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp.135-140. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 517.903KB).

Prof. Ray M. Golding

-, -, The University of New South Wales, Australia

Dr. Lynton G.F. Giles

Murdoch University, Murdoch, Australia


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